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Your Headshot- The Most Important First Impression


The Producer, Director and Casting Agent are having a bad day. It’s not your fault. Traffic was bad. The coffee was cold. This day is going on too long. Or billions of other reasons that are out of your control. And time is running out to cast their next project.

They’ve seen pictures and resumes from hundreds of actors, all hoping for the chance to get in the door and win them over with their talent and personality. But sadly, this business is very subjective, and sometimes it’s very hard to get people to agree on what it is they’re looking for.

What can you do to increase your chances of getting in the room?

Have a dynamite headshot.

Talent and timing are big factors in every working actor’s career, but all of them started where you are. And somewhere along the line, they had a great headshot.

Your headshot is your first impression. If it’s not right, it will be your last impression. Your headshot will most likely make it to a producer’s desk before you do. How can you be sure it will say everything about you that you won’t be able to tell them yourself?

Here’s how.

Having a headshot that accents your look is important, but it’s equally important (sometimes more) to highlight your personality.

If you are a new talent, industry people will want to know and see what makes you different. What makes you shine? What makes you a star?

If you’re not a new talent, a new headshot tells producers what you’ve learned. Every actor grows and changes with each new role. If you’ve moved on in your career, it’s incredibly important to show that growth in your photograph.

Thexposure Studio has been perfecting the art of the headshot for five years. Photographer Jim Richer has helped hundreds of artists, from new talent to celebrities, achieve photographs that not only highlight what’s best about the actor’s look, but also highlight what’s unique about the actor’s spirit. Jim’s past work as an actor also helps him to inspire and encourage his subjects to express their individuality and inner essence.

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