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Jim Richer

Photographer Jim Richer has created a strong following in LA's film industry.  Over the last eight years he has built Thexposure Studio from the ground with only a dollar in his pocket and an unstoppable passion as the wind against his back.  

Jim initially was exposed to the stage in Syracuse, New York performing in front of live audiences. As his goals became more defined Jim moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue the silver screen.  This proved to be a wise decision for all of us who can remember the day the heartthrob soap 'Forever' star “Stephan” was introduced to us.  

Currently, Jim is collaborating with Disney's top exec producers to pave the way for new up and coming ventures.  Jim has always surrounded himself with passionate talented people who continue to inspire him and encourage him to keep growing.  And as a result he has developed a way to mentor emerging photographers, set designer, actors and models to create a marketable portfolio on real sets with experienced models and makeup artists. 


As he continued to study and develop as an artist, his love for creating art – instead of being the art – led him to a permanent position behind the camera. His many years of experience as an actor helped him to develop his unique ability to give actors and models the freedom and guidance they need to let go and be themselves.

“So many models try to be something they think others will like. They don’t realize that their individuality is the only talent that no one else will be able to learn. I make sure that they realize they are enough, and how by just allowing the camera to see who they are will produce photos that will stay with people long after they close the magazine.” -- Jim Richer

Jim credits his continued success to his desire to give back to his community. He has always made time in his schedule to donate his talents and energy to a long list of valuable causes. A few that remain close to his heart include "Shaquile O'Neil @ The Biggest Book In the World", which promotes the importance of literacy. Another favorite is the Ivar California Youth Theatre, where Ray Bradbury's world premier of Frost and Fire featured Michael York and honorary member Martin Landeau, and continues to teach tolerance through theatre.  


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