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Voice Over Classes


Introductory Class (Ages 8-12 & 13-17)    $35.00 - 12 students maximum (2 hours)

Understand the fundamentals and learn the basics of Voice Over

Private Coaching One-On-One VO Workout (All Ages)    $75  (One-on-One 1 Hour)

On-going guest seminars with working professionals in the business!

Young Professionals (age 8-12)  6 Week Class    $450 per class (One-on-One 1 hour private sessions)

Learn the basics of voice over. Develop characters within your vocal range. Discover artistic techniques to gain knowledge and experience with simple and fun voice over copy.

Young Professionals (13-17)  6 Week Class    $495 per class - 6 students maximum  (2 hours)

Get the voiceover muscles moving and flexible with numerous opportunity at the microphone! Have the advantage each time you work to hone in and sharpen your skills. Our classes are structured so that everyone gets a chance to speak. Share your experiences and thoughts with interactive feedback. Gain insight from what others are doing. Some of our best lessons are learned listening to other students!  Challenge your vocal range. We will teach you how to create different levels in your voice so that you can begin to develop your characters more effectively.

Voice Over 101 (Adults)  6 Week Class    $495 per class - 8 students maximum (3 hours)

This unique curriculum is adhered to give each individual the opportunity to uncover genuine originality. What makes your voice special?  Learn basic script analysis. Develop your muscles and find the real you behind your voice. Discover the do’s and don’ts of Voice over. Learn to manipulate the microphone with tricks and technique while gaining the ability to know what tools you need to develop copy and walk away with tenacity.

Voice Over II (Ages 17 and older)  6 Week Class    $495 per class - 8 students maximum (Experience is Required)

Hone in to develop your specialty voice and fine tune your strengths. Challenge your comfort zone without comprising what you offer as an individual artist. Walk away with a different perspective on what is going to take you individually to the next level. Character development involved for video games, narration, cartoons and tag lines.

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