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Young Actor's Professional Program


The Celebrity Mentor Program at Thexposure Studio welcomed celebrity instructor Jonathan Goldstein, a director for iCarly and the dad from Drake and Josh, for our 3-month Young Actors Professional Program. Classes are taught by top casting directors, industry professionals and actors dedicated to guiding students in the right direction. 


Class Schedule:TBA


Acting/Scene Study with Jonathan Goldstein


The class will involve discussions on acting technique, making good habits, telling the truth under imaginary circumstances, “How does my character fit into the story?”, etc. Students will be required to memorize at least one monologue and work on it in class at any moment. Scenes will be assigned and worked on in class. When assigned to a scene, students will memorize the scene out of class and then do at least 2 ‘work sessions’ with their scene partner in class. Once the scene is ready, it’s presented in class as a ‘final work’, then – if time permits – a new scene is assigned and the process starts again. The last class of the three-month cycle will be a showcase where students will present their best work (either a monologue or a scene) to friends, family and industry.


Stage Combat with Alexander Stephano

These classes will help the students to gain an understanding of how the actor uses his/her body in stage combat with special emphasis on focus, clarity and safety in performance. Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to describe and demonstrate the process of empty-handed combat, identify the needs of a physical performance, demonstrate a physical self-awareness, demonstrate an ability to evaluate stage combat, demonstrate an understanding of how movement creates meaning, and demonstrate the ability to be safe while performing stage combat.


Improv with John Sylvain

The goal of the course will be to give students a strong footing in how to foster imaginative collaboration, invent characters, make strong artistic choices and release their creativity. We will use exercises and games to teach the three main tenants of improvisation as taught by Del Close (founder of the Compass Players and Second City). The class will learn character building techniques and mask-work to release and reveal new ways of moving, speaking and interacting on stage.



Good nutrition is the secret to a good life. So, it stands to reason that good nutrition will help you in your goals as an actor. By knowing how food affects you, you can prepare yourself for a long day of work or, being at your best for your auditions. Maybe eating that candy or drinking that soda pop before an audition isn't the best idea!


Advanced Techniques with Alexander Stephano



Voice Class

Using a series of exercises and vocal warm ups, students will learn to use the voice in a clear and supported way. no more mumbling!


Headshot Class with Jim Richer

In this class, students will learn how to get a great headshot. They will learn basics like: knowing your casting (what parts you’re going out for), what casting directors are looking for, the difference between theatrical and commercial acting, knowing the difference between face shot, ¾ shot and full body shot, how to prepare for your shoot (clothing- what to wear/what not to wear, meeting with your photographer, hair, make-up), knowing the difference between digital and film photography, natural and studio lighting, the importance of always looking like your photo, and retouching your photos.


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