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Jonathan Goldstein
Jonathan Goldstein is best known as "Walter" the goofy but loveable dad on the hit Nickelodeon show "Drake & Josh," which has won two Kid’s Choice Awards for favorite TV Show. Jonathan has been working in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years. He has recently appeared in re-occurring roles on "The Starter Wife" (USA Network) and "The Riches" (FX), as well as appeared on "Private Practice," "Heroes," "The 11th Hour," "Party Down," "Californication," "The West Wing," "Without a Trace," "The Handler," "Windfall," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Parks and Recreation." With two decades of stage directing under his belt, Jonathan recently made his TV directing debut on the 2009 KCA winner for favorite TV show "iCarly" (Nickelodeon) and is in negotiations for further dates. In addition to private coaching, Jonathan worked for two seasons as dialogue coach on UPN’s "Half & Half." As a founding member of The Sacred Fools Theater Company (L.A), he served on the artistic committee for the first two seasons and is also a founding member of The Atlantic Theater Co. in N.Y. Jonathan has had the pleasure of studying with the following esteemed professionals: David Mamet, W.H. Macey, Felicity Huffman, Tadashi Suzuki, Anne Bogart, John Guare, Liz Swados, Alice Winton, Alan Langon, Michael Kahn, Terry Hayden, and Tony Grecco.
Wendy Faraone
Wendy Faraone is the dialogue coach for Sonny With A Chance with Demi Lavato and I'm In The Band. She has also worked as the dialogue coach for Hannah Montana with Miley Cyrus. A child actor herself, Wendy eventually found that her passion was rooted in teaching and directing. She received her theatre degree in directing and has directed a myriad of musicals and straight theatre. With the help of her mentor, Wendy eventually found her way back into the television industry where she has been working consistently with Disney Channel and Disney XD as a dialogue coach, as well as a private acting coach. Wendy's goal is to inspire actors and to help them gain the confidence they need to show up on set and be ready to work.
Robert McGee
Robert McGee, of Lambert/McGee Casting, is the Casting Director for the hit show “Wizards of Waverly Place” and casts for numerous hit shows, pilots, features, and animated T.V and film projects on a regular basis. He’s cast half a dozen T.V series over the years, and has helped boost many “breakout” careers by casting young actors in their first starring role in a feature film. The positive energy and industry experience he brings helps young actors prepare for a successful career.
Jim Richer
Jim Richer has been a photographer for 15 years and has built a strong following, not only from his renowned talent as a photographer, but also from his many years as an actor and singer. As he continued to study and develop as an artist, his love for creating art, instead of being the art, led him to a permanent position behind the camera. His many years of experience as a performer have helped him to develop his unique ability to give actors and models the freedom and guidance they need to let go and be themselves. With this expertise, he offers valuable information to people who take his Headshot class.
Alexander Stephano
Alexander Yannis Stephano has been a theatre educator for over 20 years. Most recently he was an Assistant Professor of Theatre at Troy University. Alexander has taught and choreographed stage fights for over 30 theatrical productions and has worked as a stuntman in both film and television. He completed training in stage combat from the S.A.F.D. (Society of American Fight Directors_ and was recommended in Hand-to-hand Combat, Rapier & Dagger and Broadsword. He has a double major B.F.A in Acting and Film & Television from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, The Experimental Theatre Wing & Strasberg Studio, and an M.F.A. in Dramatic Art fro the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Professional Acting Training Program.

He has trained/worked with (among others) Paddy Crean (Errol Flynn’s Stunt Double), Rick Sordelet (Broadway’s busiest Fight Director), Craig Turner, J. Steven White, Doug Mumaw & Michael Donahue. Mr. Stephano teaches actors of all skill levels and ages. Along with Troy University, Alexander has taught Stage combat at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Los Angeles private schools Harvard Westlake and New Roads, Athens Drive High School, The Achievement School (Special Education), and S.I.C.K. (Summer Improv Comedy Kids) to name a few. As a teacher, Mr. Stephano’s course work has covered a wide range of topics, including Acting, (all levels), Acting Shakespeare, Directing, Movement, Voice/Diction (IPA), Styles, Improvisation, Introduction to Theater Appreciation, Theater for Youth, Audition Techniques, Oral Interpretation, as well as Stage Combat. Outside of planned violence, M, Stephano also directs award winning theatrical productions and is a member of the DGA (Directors Guild of America) and is an associate member of the SDC (Stage Directors and Choreographers Society).
John Sylvain
John Sylvain founded three theater groups which are still thriving to this day. One, The Purple Crayon of Yale, included Phil Lamarr of Pulp Fiction and Mad TV. They have performed and ran workshops up and down the east coast and spent summers studying in Chicago. As part of this group, Sylvain ran workshops that established ongoing groups at William and Mary, NYU, McGill and Erasable Inc. at the University of Maryland. In 195 the Purple Crayon won the First Annual College Harold Competitions and was feature in the New Work Times. The second was Annex Improv where Sylvain produced a new show every Friday night for 4 years with members who included Mike Shapiro, Jilliam Armenante and Chris Jeffries. There, he taught improvisation workshops to children aged 6-11, in and around Seattle. Thirdly, the Sacred Fools Theater provided an on-going improv group, which spawned several sketch comedy groups including Killjoy. He has had longstanding creative partnerships with Paul Giamatti, Jillian Armenante, Phil Lamarr, Jonathan Goldstein and many others. He studied improv with the legendary Del Close (ImprovOlympic at CrossCurrents, Chicago, IL) and Keith Johnstone, the semi-legendary Michael Gelman (Second City, Chicago IL) and the soon-to-be legendary Dave Razowsky (Independent, Los Angeles, CA). Among his directing contributions, Sylvain has directed such plays as, Woody Allen’s God and Death, Henry IV, Part I, The Up and Coming, A Final Evening With The Illuminati and others.
Keri Szymanski
After several years in various roles in commercial and music video production, Keri wanted to deepen her understanding of filmmaking. She attended Tompkins Cortland Community College in Dryden, NY, where she received multiple leadership awards and scholarships. She was elected International President of Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society of two-year colleges. With Phi Theta Kappa, she underwent extensive leadership training and traveled throughout the country giving leadership presentations to society members. Keri received a scholarship to attend film school at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she earned her BFA in Sound Design. Under the care of generous and dedicated professors, her creativity was nurtured and many hidden talents as an artist extracted. She has experience as a Sound Designer, Dialog Editor, Sound Effects Editor, Sound Mixer, Location Sound Mixer, Boom Operator and Foley recordist and artist. Her training as an actress and singer, however, have been her most valuable asset in sound design, and led her to voice over. Keri has recorded numerous voice over talents, written copy, and created finished, broadcast quality spots. The samples on the website are her recordings and show the versatility of her clients as well as her hand at aesthetics.
Kelli Gessell

Kelli Gessell is the Associate for Anne McCarthy at Engine Media Group. This is a powerhouse casting company specializing in blockbuster features! She is currently casting The Cold Light of Day, The Bridge (is the coming of age, rock-n-roll story of Luke, Scotty and Natalie. It follows their interweaving life-paths and the bridges they are challenged to cross along the way. We all have that one particular bridge that will lead us to what we want (or think we want) the most... what's stopping you from crossing yours). Prodigy (When alumni of an elite, controversial prep school start mysteriously dying, the school's impoverished valedictorian is assigned to the case, which calls into question a fellow student) Past credits The Perfect Get Away, Wild Hogs 2, Life and Death at 17, and Any Way You Want Me (A woman tries to bridge an emotional gap with her mother, who's greatest moment in life was going on a date with Elvis) This office’s past projects include Requiem for a Dream, Cruel Intentions, Three Kings, Wild Hogs, John Tucker Must Die, and Deuces Wild!

Jayme Singer

Jayme Singer is the Associate for Dava Waite. She is currently casting Showtime's critically acclaimed series WEEDS (Comedy about a suburban mother turned marijuana dealer), as well as pilots! This office has brought you such projects as My Name is Earl, Yes Dear, Hot Properties, A Case of Emergency, and The Ex List! Jayme is very supportive.
Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams is now partnered with Kim Hardin, currently working on two drama pilots and five upcoming features. MAJOR feature films! THE OTHER PROJECTS ARE AS FOLLOWS "AMIBTION", "RENTED", "ORANGE MINT & HONEY", AND 2 SCREEN GEM Movies TBA. "PREP SCHOOL", "CAR", TO NAME A FEW. Her amazing past projects include Hustle and Flow, 2 Fast 2 Furious, This Christmas, Black Snake Moan, Friday, Madea Goes to Jail, Cadillac Records and Biker Boys to name a few! She is most known for casting high profile films that require strong talent. She is currently casting THE KARATE KID Starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith ( A young boy is mentored by a martial arts master to become an expert in the art of karate) and AMBITION (an investment banker finds out that her client stands to make a killing when Core Pharmaceuticals releases its new drug RD-124. She discovers that the drug is extremely dangerous and should never be allowed to make it to market) Kim said she will definitely be considering new talent for upcoming projects!! Michelle's worked for some of the best offices in her fifteen years: Susan Bluestein on NAVY NCIS & JAG, Patrick Rush on THE OC & EVERWOOD, several pilots & THE SHIELD with FMW, Their office is always busy, so catch Michelle while she's got the time.
Matthew Lessal

Matt is an excellent Film Casting Director who has brought you such projects as Deck the Halls, The Omen, and Mean Creek to name a few!! He is currently casting Legendary: The Shocate (shoots in October) and Christmas in Beverly Hills as well as the film that he is Casting & Producing, AUDREY (Audrey waits and wait and WAITS for her date to show). Matt has cast a lot of the FOX Searchlight films and is known for discovering talent!!!
Chadwick Struck

Chadwick is a Director and the VP of Development for MANAGING ARTISTIC CONCEPTS production company, as well as the Executive of Casting for Greenwood Hill Productions. He is currently casting GHOST IN THE RING (the true story of Gabriel Ruelas - a boxer that fought his way up to the top, from misery and poverty of his Hometown in Mexico to the Boxing Champion of the World. Born dead - he had no fear to face the worst) On top of that he also has 4 features currently in development! His past projects include Columbus Day, Star Trek: Enterprise, Mini's First Time, Starship Troopers 3: Marauders, and Without a Trace. He is smart, informative, and an all around nice guy.
Jennifer Lurey
Jennifer casts over 30 Movies and TV shows for MGM per year!! It is unbelievable. She is EXTREMELY actor friendly and she is great about bringing actors in. Because MGM casts such a wide variety of things, they look for every type, age, and ethnicity!! The things they look for are amazing too. They love theatrically trained actors. They love discovering new, unique talent and giving them an opportunity!!
Stacey Taylor

Stacey Taylor is currently casting the new CW hit series THE VAMPIRE DIARY'S (Based on the book series about a woman torn between two vampire brothers, one good, one not so good) and a new pilot for ABC Family UNTITLED MELISSA HART/JOEY LAWRENCE PROJECT (A councilwoman allows her niece and nephew move in with her and quickly finds she needs a nanny (aka: manny) to oversee them) Her office has brought you such projects as Married with Children, Grosse Point, Son of the Beach, Living with Fran, Roommates, and Reba! Aftra shows so Union and Non- Union encourage to attend.
Julie Swistak

Julie Swistak is with Susan Bluestein Casting. She is now casting NCIS and NCIS LA and was casting 90210 and Gossip Girl. Also casting the Film Phenom (With the NBA playoffs right around the corner, the press learns that the league's new hotshot player, a young man who went pro after, high school is the illegitimate son of an aging NBA star. The player attempts to make a life with his newly found father and step brother). Keep Coming Back Starring Steve Buscemi and william H. Macy (A young man living a sheltered lifedevelops a crush on a stripper and joins her Alcoholics Anonymous group just so he can be in the same room with her)and Sweetwater starring James Caan and Mira Sorvino (A chronicle of the life of Sweetwater Clifton, the first black player signed by the NBA). Past films include Righteous Kill, Quarantine, Prom Night , Raising Helen, Out of Time and many more. Julie casts everything from Big Budget Blockbusters to small time Indies and TV.
Eric Stephen-Souliere

Head Casting Director at a MAJOR TV office. Due to contractual obligations we are not allowed to post the name of the company or his current projects.
Melanie Burgass

Melanie Burgess is a Head Casting Director with John Frank Levey Casting. She is currently casting an independent feature film entitled KILLING FRANK (A Billionaire?s family and business associates gather at his mansion to have him declared legally incompetent, so they can divide up his fortune. Only someone else has other ideas, and starts killing them off) and will be starting back up on the new NBC crime drama SOUTHLAND (follows the lives of a group of Los Angeles Police Officers on the job and off) Past projects from this office include Growing Pains, Presidio Med, The West Wing, and ER!
Janelle Scuderi

Janelle Scuderi has been casting FOX’s HOUSE MD since day one for Amy Lippens & Stephanie Laffin. Past credits for Scuderi, Laffin & Lippens include features SAW/SAW II and THE VIRGIN SUICIDES plus TV shows MONK, SIX FEET UNDER, LAW & ORDER SVU and MY SO-CALLED LIFE. HOUSE MD has large weekly co-star& guest star casts, so Janelle is a good person to get your face in front of.
Erica Silverman

Erica Silverman is a HEAD Casting Director. Her casting company is currently casting the TNT crime thriller LEVERAGE (A crew of high-tech crooks attempt to steal from wealthy criminals and corrupt businessmen) and the CBS crime drama CRIMINAL MINDS (An elite group of Profilers analyze the nation's most dangerous criminal minds in an effort to anticipate their next moves before they strike again) as well as a web series entitled CIRLCE OF 8!!
Craig Holzberg

Craig Holzberg is the owner of Avalon Artists Group which is a bi-coastal, full-service agency. He has been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. At Avalon Artists Group, Craig prides himself in being directly involved in all aspects of his clients' careers. It is a full service talent agency representing actors and models of all ages for FILM, TV , THEATER , COMMERCIALS, VOICE-OVER, and PRINT. This agency is a member of ATA as well asbeing an AFTRA and AEA franchised agency.
Gina Gallego

Gina Gallego is part of one of the biggest film teams in hollywood! They get the most important films with the most roles! Gina is great about bringing in people from herworkshops. They always need100's of roles for each film and they always cast unknowns! As a matter of fact this office is so nice that Gina will tell you to put yourself on tape for a role so she can show producers if they cant see you! She literallyis here to help and wantseveryone to dowell. She loves actors and she gives a great workshop!! Gina is the Associate for Randi Hiller (formerly Finn/Hiller Casting) They just finished casting Warner Bros' ARMY OF THEDEAD written and produced by Zach Snyder (the writer/director of300), and are currently casting the new Lions Gate Feature WARRIOR(set in the world of mixed martial arts) and POINT BREAK BALI (the long awaited sequel to Point Break)! Randi's past rojects include Crash,Iron Man, and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines!
Michael Testa

Michael Testa is a Head Casting Director and partners with Dan Shaner. He is currently casting the CBS Crime Drama COLD CASE (The Philadelphia homicide squad's lone female detective finds her alling when she's assigned cold cases. Older crimes that have never been solved.) as well as the new ABC Family series MAKE IT OR BREAK IT (Follows group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they train and prepare for their day in the spotlight) and the feature film ANSWERS TO NOTHING (The lives of any different people interconnect when a young woman suddenly disappears) His past projects include Latter Days, Dr. Vegas, Moonlight, The Lone anger, and Roswell!
Fern Orenstein

Fern Orenstein is the VP of Casting Movies & Miniseries for CBS. She has been casting television for 20 years. She is blunt, knowledgeable and will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to start working. She helps oversee everything at CBS.
Amy Reece

Amy Reece is the co owner of Perry/Reece Casting. Having a background in acting Amy knows exactly what it takes to take your auditions to the next level. This office is known for casting Movie of the Week's and they a urrently casting a ton of them! A few are EXTRA CREDIT (a felon-turned-college student, gets a second chance at a brighter future ntil he becomes erotically entangled with his sexy Sociology Professor) and the miniseries MEGASTORM!! They also have TON of projects starting oon that they haven't released in the breakdowns yet.
Michelle Wade

Michelle Wade works with Mary Vernieu at Betty Mae Casting!! This office has cast such a great diverse group of movies over the past few years!! Everything from Cruel Intentions to Sin City and Dukes of Hazard. She is the Associate for Mary Vernieu at the renowned office of Betty Mae Casting. This mega-film office is very open to new talent regardless of credits. She is currently casting a whopping 8 feature films!! Including THE LOSERS (directed by Sylvain White), FATHER OF INVENTION (directed by Trent Cooper), BAIT (directed by Brad Furman), THE IRISH MAN (directed by Jonathan Hensleigh), OPPOSITES ATTRACTED (directed by Jay Chandrasekhar), MACHETE (directed by Robert Rodriguez), COLD HEART, (directed by Cary Elwes), and TRUST (directed by David Schwimmer).
Paul Weber

Paul Weber casts all movies that go through MGM. That's more than 20 films a year!! Right now he is casting the series DARK FATHOM (An elite team of oceanographers are secretly hired by a US governmentagency to study unexplained undersea phenomena), two Indie film THE STUPIDEST ANGEL and SCHISM, the Sci Fi series STARGATE UNIVERSE, the remake of AMITYVILLE HORROR and the prequel to LEGALLY BLONDES!! His past projects include Dead Like Me, SheSpies,and The Outer Limits.
Eric Kind

Eric Kind is the Chief Operating Officer of Lionsgate Television. He is the liaison between business affairs, development and the president’s office. Dealing with all aspects of running the day to day operations of Lionsgate Television. The great thing about his position is that he can send actors straight to producers! His current projects include MAD MEN (AMC), WEEDS (SHOWTIME), CRASH (Series for Starz based on the movie!) and BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE (follows three incoming freshmen attending Midwestern college football powerhouse Blue Mountain State) This office has also brought you such projects as Wildfire, Nurse Jackie, The Lost Room, Dead Zone, and The Dresden Files!!
David Babich
David has taught thousands of singing, voice-over, and guitar lessons over the past 10 years. He is a creative and intuitive instructor, and is dedicated to each student's success, whether beginner or professional. His ability to clearly communicate to students of all ages, combined with his extensive knowledge of the voice have made him a sought after vocal coach in San Francisco and Los Angeles. David teaches private voice lessons as well as private coaching in voice-over. In addition, he has a recording studio, which can be used for high quality recording of Voice Over Demo CD's and Music Demos. David holds a Bachelor's in Voice from the University of California at Los Angeles, and is also a certified VoiceWorks Associate, under the mentorship of world renowned vocal instructor Lisa Popeil. He is an expert in many vocal styles, including Rock, Pop, Folk, Jazz and Musical Theatre. Voice Over genres include Commercial, Character and Narration. All levels are welcome. David is a member of Actor's Equity Association and the American Society of Composers and Publishers.
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