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Mission Statement

Thexposure Studio Casting Workout offers Acting classes and Workshops with Casting Directors for both Adult actors and Young Adults.  These Classes and workshops are a ways to get a leg up on the competition, and walk through the door to the next level of success.  Our Workshops are intended to help actors learn what casting directors look for, and fine tune the skills they have been learning from the acting classes. Workshops ARE NOT auditions and ARE NOT a means of procuring employment, and we encourage you to think of Workshops venues as  Educational, along with mentoring, and The Chance to Redefine and Restablish your PASSION. We provide a place where you can  have your voice heard and approach The Business of Show. But most of all We give you The Exposure beyond the 5 min of any Audition to learn the full expression of Acting and the Business.

"The workshops are an invaluable networking tool where you get to meet the CDs as well as work on and improve your cold reading and auditioning skills, Our Industry professionals  increase your auditioning confidence, and get an inside view on the industry, how it works and how every office has different views on Headshots/Reels/Audition techniques and Etiquette.



We don't have many rules at Thexposure Studio Casting Workout. We believe in our Actors and value their opinions. We help actors because we are actors. Below is an outline of our general policies. It will explain how things work and what to do if you're in a bind.



There are three ways to reserve your spot for a workshop:


• The simplest way is directly from this site. You can access the calendar. Once you see the calendar, simply click on the workshops you want to attend. All intensives are paid in advance, either through mastercard or visa or by you coming to the studio to drop off a check or cash.

• or through the email Advertisement

• If a class is full you can come and be on stand-by or you can be put on the waiting list; The Office will contact you if a space becomes available.



• You will be charged in advance - all intensives must be paid in full at time of reservation. Add $5 if paying at Workshop.

• Please note that all bad checks will be fined a $25 fee. You must have a credit card on file with us to use a check.


Cancellation Policies

If you would like to cancel a workshop please email or call (310) 497-5621. The cancellation policy is 72 hours in advance. If you sign up for a workshop within that 72 hours please note that there are NO CANCELLATIONS. This policy is for regular one night events. Intensives and Special Events have no Cancellations or Refund.


If You Are Running Late

Please call (310) 497-5621. If you do NOT call it is considered a "No Show" and you are still responsible for payment. We will hold your place only if you call.


General Rules

All of our Casting Directors are scheduled in advance and we are not responsible for any unforeseen cancellations by them. Thexposure Studio Casting Workout  promises to give you all information provided by the casting people. We cannot be responsible for last minute changes, in their schedules or offices. Sometimes there will be last minute changes to shows they are casting. This is part of the business and we will do our best to inform you of any changes as soon as we know.


By submitting information, the actor agrees to release The Casting Workout of any liability.


Workshops and intensives are not a job interview or an audition. The presence of a casting director is not a guarantee or promise of employment. The sole intent of the workshop is educational.


Disclosure *PLEASE READ*

"Workshops are solely sponsored by THExposure Studio and no other parties or affiliates are responsible for any scheduled workshops. All Workshops, Seminars, and/or Classes are for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the entertainment field or representation by an agent. The presence of a Casting Director is neither a guarantee nor promise of employment." 




"WORKSHOP": a seminar, discussion group, or the like, that emphasizes exchange of ideas and the demonstration and application of techniques, skills, etc. i.e.: a theater workshop; opera workshop.

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