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About Us
We all know in Hollywood there is that double-edged sword. You need work to compile a reel, but you need a great reel to get the work. Sound familiar? It’s a frustrating fact that you need work to get work, but that’s the way it is. Here at Network Demo Reels, we understand this and that sometimes bad reels happen to good actors. It’s not your fault. As an actor, sometimes your performance can be butchered by bad direction, scripts, cinematography, editing, craft services, and poor sound quality.

Network Demo Reels provides a one stop shop to enhance every actor’s demo reel, their number one tool, into a powerful representation of their talent. We produce, script, shoot, and edit your performance and provide you with a director whose only vision is to help you realize your own. The special thing about us is that we also offer you the chance to exercise some control over all of these elements and let the only thing that stands out be your talent.

Options and services for your unique demo reel:

  • PICK YOUR SCENE – You write it or download original material from our library.
  • PICK YOUR PARTNERS – Don’t go it alone. Make your scene(s) more dynamic by bringing in a friend, or we can get you in touch with fellow actors who will add depth, drama, and diversity to your performance.
  • PICK YOUR LOCATION – Network Demo Reels can shoot your scene(s) on one or more of our fifteen outdoor sets, or you can pick your own location.

Whether you’re an actor who’s just started building a career or someone who’s unhappy with the quality of work they’ve done, we have a solution. Create your own material that showcases what you do.

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